Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to STC shaggy..IRONLAK BEST...

Today story..wake up in the morning..mood for bomb come..take my mom car key..set da cans..go to melawati..bomb...fuh last lepas sangap..the best part is im using my ironlak artist edition that i've buy 3 month sayang nk pakai..mahal woo but the result is good but im just using ironlak for da outline and tag..bebaloi beli mahal..u guys must try ironlak...btw jz to inform shaggy are now STC..nothing to say..enjoy da piece..bye bye...


Full wall

welcome to STC shaggy

sort of detail



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Graff Demo at UM for MSK with MILE09

Nothing much to tell u guys..mile text me (wei ko nk ikut aku buat clinic graffiti tak kat UM..lame tak bomb ni) then i just agree cuz its a long time since my last bombing at 1 malaysia jams on 31 august..its quite fun but i didnt manage to finish my piece cuz dont have time and my hand kinda shake n KAYU so just leave da piece that way..this izzit enjoy da view man..byebye..JOM THIS WEEK HENTAM MELAWATI///

Da student(they are medic student)sure blaja pecah kepala

Yeap da medic student again

After long long time not bombing..damn

M by mile09 n da student

S by mile09 n da student
  S by mile09 and da student <a onblur=
K by mile09 and da student