Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doggie Style

Before I start to write anything here jz wana wish Good Luck And Big Big Hug to my Close Friend ADI cz he gonna sail to japan today under AKADEMI LAUT MALAYSIA or well known as ALAM..He will go there about 9 month so jz hope u have a save trip there buddy but please please don’t forget to buy me FANCY NIKE AIR DUNK…EVISU JEANS…VITORINOX WATCH..GRAFFITI MAGAZINE N GRAFFITI STUFF when u have arrive at Tokyo Japan hehe..Jz take advantage from him..Okay enuf for that jz trying to bomb Da BULLDOG character..this is my 1st attempt man haha kinda SAKIT when I look at da bulldog well this is da 1st time and I kinda satisfy with myself..yeah I know Siek Katun have already bomb this character jz borrow from them ok not TIRU..ayte jz drop ur comment here..enjoy..P/S Adi dapat maria ozawa pass2 kat kawan2 haha..


Doggie Style

Da Word

Da damn bulldog

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Im Back..

Its been long time since i last update my blog..kinda bz with my class n final exam..jz a simple piece n my hand kinda shakin cz lame sngt x bomb haixx damn..n i wana bomb about until i can get back those skill haha..POYO..btw im alone n its quite exiting cz some passed by lepaking with me n ask funny quest n thanks to them cz acompany me on da bombing sesion..wana bomb jz text me ayte..enjoy..


need more pactice..kinda shakin cuz long time not bombing


detail 3

Thanks to this guy 4 acompany me on da bombing sesion