Friday, January 26, 2007

~Its New Ya 2007~

>HAppy new ya all writer n Malaysia 2007..Its hard day bomb but Best coz its lot people bomb lol.haha..need more bome la but paper hal pun enjoy tis..Thanx 4 letric...snoozz...jojo...erkz...spoke ncritic06 4 da collabo season..have nice day

full wall



Now its blue la..Critic06



Thursday, January 25, 2007

~Lets Hits Melawati Wall~..Thanx to Critic06..Freak..Spoke..Erkz..

Its hard day bomb la..ujan lak tu aduss..takpe2 rahmat la bro..hehe..tis is 1st time bomb with erks..thanx cz invite me..he's kind a quite n funny guy haha..nevermine..neway tis is it..

Erkz..robotic siot


Critic06..I luf Pink..hehe


Did i do a good job..??

Jz Write on my school shirt..
i Think i still got more to learn

~Merdeka06~Fly OveR Sg Chua..Thanx to Kc..Vector1.1..StC..Critic06..Freak..

Its a damm hot day..arghh its so hot..but we will do anything 4 merdeka..hehe..look wat we have done..


freedom by..Critic06



Mr Carpet..Vector1.1


~Its my RooM vol 1~

Its really suck if we dun have place for bomb..especially like school boy like my room be the mangse haha..check it out..Thanks to Madnurz..Bcoz Him i can do this Art Crime..Thanks Bro..

third time..jz throwie..

its second..tis time by my own..start use my tag name..Critic06

its a first little help frm madnuz STC